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International Yoga Organisation IYO® is a Registered Affiliation body by GOVT OF INDIA, Govt of India Cert No-2952393986/4/12/2021, Yoga Registration Board Reg No-KA/2022/0314872(Under Central Govt of India), UNO NO- 6/12022-ECOSOC-NGO-UNO, Incorporation Number of Organisation-BKIV/394/21-22, Government Organization ID-G17E83-2124541792331 Pledged with-INDIAN MINISTRY OF AYUSH, AYUSH SANJIVANI, NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, MINISTRY OF YOUTH AFFAIRS & SPORTS. Also, International Yoga Organisation IYO® is Registered with USA FEDERAL & UNO-UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION, The purpose of International Yoga Organisation IYO® is to raise the level of Yoga Teachers and to bring Sincere Standards for Yoga Schools. International Yoga Organisation IYO® Welcomes the inputs from the Head of the Schools to understand what Best need to be done for the growth of their work and services. International Yoga Organisation IYO® is very concerned with the training of Yoga teachers and their continues Progress. International Yoga Organisation IYO® will keep their eyes on the Base of Yoga and will Help one and all to Grow in their philosophy and the standards of Pure YOGA.
IYO® International Yoga Organisation Registers IYS®- International Yoga School & IYT®-International Yoga Teacher worldwide. This registration happens by Law. This is sufficient to have clear understanding about the detailed information of IYS®- International Yoga School & IYT®-International Yoga Teacher is been on the website of IYO® International Yoga Organisation. IYO® affiliations of IYT®-International Yoga Teacher is of High Quality, and will be up to the satisfaction of the IYT® Yoga Teachers. The TTC (Teacher Training Course) IYT® Yoga Teachers, and their affiliation levels up this popular IYT® registration. In addition to the IYT® registration, there are many kinds of affiliation with IYO® illustrated with details into this website which might interest you. The IYT® courses and affiliation would appeal all the IYS® & IYT® & prompt to start IYT® TTC courses to their Yoga students.

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