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Bala ji Sir

Bala ji Sir is the Chairman and Founder of the International Yoga Organisation (IYO®) as well as the Global Creator and Inventor of IYT® Affiliations.One of the best yogis in India is Bala ji sir. In Mumbai, India, he was born. He studied yoga with some of the best yogis in the Himalayas. Master Narayan Yogi, a Mumbai, India native, is his father. who was the most accomplished Yogi of all time. His grandfather, Master Gurunath Yogi, was a great yogi and yoga practitioner who served with the British East India Company. More than 15,000 yoga instructors and masters have been registered by Bala ji sir. which he was employed by the government.

Dr. Suresh Bhandarkar

Dr. Suresh Bhandarkar is the Ministry of Ayush Assistant Director (Yoga) at the AYUSH Ministry Division of Health. With 41 years of expertise, Dr. Suresh Bhandarkar is an Ayurvedic, Geriatrician, and Nutritionist in Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi. Divya Chikitsa Clinic for Holistic Healing, located in Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi, is home to Dr. Suresh Bhandarkar's practice. At Nagpur University, he earned a BAMS in 1983, and at Amravati University, he earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga.

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