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IYO® Certification Registration and Affiliation

IYO® International Yoga Organisation provides certifications for yoga schools and teachers, enhancing their global recognition and credibility. Schools can offer a range of IYO® certified courses, from foundational to specialty training, attracting students seeking quality education. Individual yoga instructors can also gain affiliations with IYO®, marking their teaching as legitimate and impactful.

1.Embark on a Path of Professional Yoga with IYO® Certification

In the realm of yoga, authenticity and expertise stand at the forefront. IYO® International Yoga Organisation emerges as a beacon, guiding yoga schools and teachers towards international recognition. It's not merely about mastering asanas but also about embodying the essence of yoga in its entirety. As a reputable certifying body, IYO® offers various yoga course certifications that resonate with the depth and diversity of this ancient practice.

For those at the helm of International Yoga Schools (IYS®), delving into IYO®'s certification process can be transformative. It's an acknowledgment of quality, a testament to your dedication to spreading the art of yoga. Moreover, independent yoga maestros, your commitment to self-improvement and learner guidance could reach new heights with the affiliations and registrations provided by IYO®. This journey is more than improving flexibility; it's about expanding your horizons.

2. Diverse Courses, One Destination: IYO® Certifications for IYS®-International Yoga School 

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 50 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 100 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 200 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 300 hours

IYT® Diploma Programme in Yoga 

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 500 hours

IYT®-International Aerial Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Wheel Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Face Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Yoga Chakra Analysis and Balancing Teacher

IYO®-International Reiki Meditationist

IYO®-International Meditationist

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Prenatal/Post-Natal

IYO® International Ayurveda Teacher

IYO® International Naturopathy Consultant

IYO® International Yoga Therapist

IYT® International Pranayam Yoga Teacher

IYO® International Nutritionist

IYO®-International Psychotherapist

IYO® International Massage Therapist

IYT®-International Yogic Science Teacher EIYT®-Experienced International Yoga Teacher 1500 hours

IYT® Diploma in Medical Yoga Therapy 200 hours

IYT® Advance Diploma in Medical Yoga Therapy 100 hours

IYT®Diploma In Alternative Medicine Therapy 300 hours

IYT®International Yoggarba Teacher 30 hours

IYO® International Acupressure Practitioner

IYO® International Anatomy & Physiology Instructor

IYO® Alternative Medicine PractitionerPG

IYT® Diploma Programme in Yoga

IYO® International Medical Yoga Therapist

IYO® International Advance Medical Yoga Therapist

IYO® International Panch Kosha Meditation Teacher

IYO® International Ropes and Belts Therapist

IYO®Electropathy Practitioner

IYO®International Mat Pilates Instructor

IYT®International Yin Yoga Teacher

IYO®International Aerobics Instructor

IYO®International Reflexologist

IYO®International Sports Nutritionist

IYO®International Garbh Sanskar Teacher

IYO® International Group Fitness Instructor

Dive into the variety of courses under the IYO® umbrella and discover how each aligns with your school's core principles:

  • IYT® Foundational Courses: Hone the basics and etch the fundamentals in your students.

  • IYT®Advanced Studies: Propel dedicated yogis towards profound expertise.

  • IYO® Specialty Trainings: From prenatal to therapeutic yoga, cater to niche audiences.

As an IYS®-International Yoga School, tailoring your curriculum to include these varied certifications isn't just smart; it's strategic. Your school becomes synonymous with excellence, attracting students who seek more than a surface-level encounter with yoga.

Independent yoga teachers are not adrift; IYO® affiliations provide a sturdy anchor. Aligning with IYO® distinguishes you from the crowd, serving as a seal of approval for students who crave legitimate and impactful instruction.

3. The Final Asana: Conclusion & Moving Forward with IYO®

The collaboration between yoga practitioners and IYO® is akin to a well-balanced asana – stable, harmonious, and elevating. Schools and teachers, breathe life into your passion with accreditations that resonate globally. It's a step towards creating a legacy that mirrors the timelessness of yoga itself. Imagine the doors that open when your establishment or personal brand is associated with IYO® — endless possibilities, boundless growth.

So lean into the pose, embrace the journey, and let IYO® be the compass that guides you to the zenith of yoga education and practice. With each certificate you achieve and every affiliation you secure, you weave your narrative into the expansive tapestry of the yoga community.

FAQ Section

Can I apply for IYO® certification as an individual teacher?

Yes, individual yoga teachers can pursue affiliations and registrations with IYO® to bolster their credentials significantly.

What types of yoga courses does IYO® certify?

IYO® offers certifications for a vast array of  certified IYT®-International Yoga Teacher courses, from IYT® 200 hours  to specialty trainings, ensuring there’s something for every yogic path.

Does my yoga school benefit from getting certified with IYO®?

Absolutely. IYO® certification enhances your school's credibility as an IYS®-International Yoga School and appeal, drawing students who value internationally recognized qualifications.

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