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Aum Yoga

Updated: Mar 11

IYS Reg No IYS1056

Address- "Aum Yoga”No 99,T block,3rd avenue,Anna Nagar,Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600040


School Owner Name : Kavitha Moahan


The "Aum Yoga" is now officially recognised as an IYS® International Yoga School. And in accordance with the Government of India Act,"Aum Yoga" is officially registered with IYO® International Yoga Organisation.


To Know more about this school call us at +91 9067238170.

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Our Officially Certified IYT®-International Yoga Teachers

Neha Attri

IYT®-International Aerial Yoga Teacher

Aum Yoga

Neha Attri

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Prenatal/Post-Natal Yoga

Aum Yoga

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