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Pranav Swasta Stanam

YS Reg No: IYS1116

Address-Pranav Swasta Stanam, 2A, 2nd Floor, Rangeela Apartments, No-34/75, 3rd Main Road, Kasturiba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020,India.

The "Pranav Swasta Stanam" is now officially recognised as an IYS® International Yoga School. And in accordance with the Government of India Act, "Pranav Swasta Stanam" is officially registered with IYO® International Yoga Organisation.


To Know more about this school call us at +91 9067238170.

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Year of expereince: 14 years,

The style of yoga practice: Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Tibetan Yoga

Owner of the yoga school:B.P.Pranav

The 3 yoga teachers in the school: Dr. B.P.Pranav, Mrs. J.Veeralakshmi Pranav, Mrs. S.Meenakshi & Ms. S.Puvaneswari

Pranav Swasta Stanam™ has been offering healing and wellness support since 2004. Our founder, Pranav B.P., provides various therapies, including Yoga (Rajayoga, Hathayoga, and Tibetan Yoga), Reiki, Diet & Nutrition, and 12 modalities of alternative treatments to cater to different needs.

In 2009, GetCured was established under Pranav Swasta Stanam, teaching Rajayoga and Sri Gayathri Sidha Sathana of yogic practice as taught by Guru Dr. Pandit G. Kannaiya Yogi, who lived for 110 years and handwrote spiritual books on 2,864 topics. We also offer Tibetan Yoga, Buddhist Meditation & Healing. Dr. B.P. Pranav was ordained as Sramanera with the name Ven. Sanghapala and led a monastic life under the guidance of Dr. Bhikkhu Bodhipala, gaining Hatha Yoga knowledge from various masters.

We also provide complementary community support services through Zoom calls, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes:

Sri Gayatri Group Chanting for Personal Development & Welfare of Society: 1st Sunday of every month

Aura Cleansing: 2nd Sunday of every month

Om Chanting & Memory Enhancement Technique for Children: 3rd Sunday of every month

Grand Master Pranav Wellness Satsang: 4th Sunday of every month

Our center is rich in wellness knowledge and provides practical, results-oriented training programs in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through a holistic approach. 

Our founder, Pranav B.P., is an Aura Energy Specialist with expertise in analyzing and interpreting the human aura and the environmental energies that affect it. Practicing since 2004, Pranav has extensive experience in Yoga (Rajayoga, Hathayoga, and Tibetan Yoga), alternative medicine, spiritual healing, and energy psychology. He offers a range of modalities including Tibetan energy healing, Reiki, crystal healing, chakra balancing, Vastu (Feng Shui), and Buddhist breathing and meditation techniques to help clients balance and harmonize their energy fields. Pranav provides distance healing services to clients worldwide and assists businesses in achieving success through energy balance and harmonization. Our center is rich in wellness knowledge and provides practical, results-oriented training programs in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through a holistic approach.

Since 2015, Pranav has conducted international wellness programs in Malaysia (various locations), Singapore, and Dubai. Dr. B.P. Pranav has invented a unique healing method using ancient ""panja boodha"(five elements) meditative techniques. Each element aids in the healing process. Our founder specializes in all five elements, making healing accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Healing Techniques and Products:

Sounds that Heal: 10 healing tracks available on Android & Apple devices.

Water Energization: Free daily water energizing for Getcured clients.

Self-Energizing / Healing Cosmic Mantra:

Self-Energizing Phrase: ""Pranav, I am {your name} Energize me""

Autism / ADHD / GDD: ""Pranav, I am {your name}, Heal my {Son/Daughter}{child’s name}""

Divine Products: To maintain positive energy and cleanse spaces.

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