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Svojas Wellness Centre


IYS Reg No: IYS1122

Address-#118, PJR Towers, 5th floor, 8th Cross road, 2nd Main road, Pai Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016,India.

The "Svojas Wellness Centre" is now officially recognised as an IYS® International Yoga School. And in accordance with the Government of India Act, "Svojas Wellness Centre" is officially registered with IYO® International Yoga Organisation.


To Know more about this school call us at +91 9067238170.


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Levels of practice:EIYT1500 hours,

Director's Name:Gopala Krisna T,

Name of the Yoga teacher in the school:Anand R,

"SVOJAS WELLNESS"Formerly "GLOBALKIND WELLNESS" is Originated by Gopala Krisna T, in the year 2003, as Patanjali Yoga Kendra, while it was only fuctional as yoga centre, and later changed to SVOJAS WELLNESS CENTRE, as a professional carrier GOPALA KRISNA T, decided to take the school from yoga centre to Holistic wellness centre soon after completing his a year diploma in naturopathy NTTC in 2011, along with yoga instructor course.

Naturopathy diploma course Naturopathy Therapist Training Cource - NTTC from S-VYASA, Student of master Shree KR Muralidhar (senior iyengar teacher Bangalore). Direct deciple of Padma Vibhushan Dr. B K S IYENGAR. became his pupil and joined Ajith kumar Yoga & Research centre Bangalore, as the learning went on there it came a day with blessings of master he got a great life time opportunity to meet the legend Padma Vibhushan Dr. B K S IYENGAR. as a continuing iyengar student attended the pranayama work shop conducted by geetha iyengar ji herself in Pune institute. attended many workshops conducted by Prashanth Iyengar too.

Attended work shops/ yoga festival with Shree Arun master when ever possible IYT-200 Certification, CMOT Certificate in Manual Osteopathy Techniques, EIYT-1500, OVCM Osteopathic Visceral & Cranial Manipulation Concept also holds certificate in marma chikitsa, Nadi Pariksha and Reiki 1&2, Prenatal-Postnatal yoga & Garbhasanskar, master diploma in acupuncture, Now continuing education in yoga teacher training IYT-500 , MD Acupuncture too.

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