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Yogatute Health

IYS Reg No: IYS1115

Address-Infront of Indian Bank, 4th Floor, 9th Avenue Building, 5th Main Road, Chikkanna Garden, Shankarapura, Near Mahavir Seva Sadan, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018, India.

The "Yogatute Health" is now officially recognised as an IYS® International Yoga School. And in accordance with the Government of India Act, "Yogatute Health" is officially registered with IYO® International Yoga Organisation.


To Know more about this school call us at +91 9067238170.

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19 years of experience,

Name of the IYS School owner: Mrs. Sushma Bharti,

The names of 3 yoga teachers in the school:

Mr. Santosh Kumar M 

Ms. Rashi Palgota

Mrs. Shilpi Bhandari,

The style of yoga practice in the school: Intermediate level of yoga practiced. Hatha yoga approach-sivananda, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Iyengar Services-Regular yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Aerial yoga, Kids yoga, Therapy yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas & Meditation.

About Yogatute Studio- 

Yogatute Health is a transformative yoga studio founded with a vision to empower individuals from all walks of life through the practice of yoga. Our mission is to make the profound benefits of yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, by providing high-quality instruction and a supportive community environment.

Rooted in the belief that yoga is not just a physical exercise, but a holistic lifestyle promoting well-being, personal growth, healing, and inner peace, Yogatute Health offers a range of classes, workshops, and teacher training courses aimed at inspiring individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and empowerment.

The founder of Yogatute Health, with a background in MBA in Hospital and Health Care Management, made the courageous decision to pursue her true passion for wellness and mindfulness. Through dedication and perseverance, the studio was established, despite initial challenges. With a deep belief in the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness, the studio aims to create a nurturing space for holistic well-being within society.

Yogatute Health values honesty, wisdom, love, compassion, and integrity, and strives to embody these principles in all aspects of its operations. The studio is committed to fostering a culture of positivity, resilience, and well-being, guided by the principles of yoga and self-discovery.

The 3 classrooms named Atha, Vishvam, Shivom represented as “AUM” symbolize the journey of the practitioner through the stages of creation, preservation, and liberation. Having three idols—Shiva, Patanjali, and Buddha—in three respectives classrooms as representations of AUM (Atha, Vishvam, Shivom) is a profound and symbolic choice, emphasizing the holistic nature of yoga.

A - Atha - Creation - Brahma (Lord Shiva):

Adi Yogi Shiva is often regarded as the Brahma(Creator) of Yoga. Adi Yogi, is believed to have imparted the knowledge of yoga to humanity. """"A"""" represents """"Atha,"""" which signifies the beginning or the commencement of the yoga journey. It symbolizes the initiation into the practice of yoga and the creation of a new path towards self-discovery and transformation. It serves as a reminder of the divine source from which yoga originates and the potential for inner growth and evolution.

U - Vishvam - Vishnu- Preservation (Sage Patanjali):

The second class, known as the Vishnu class, focuses on embracing the present moment and addressing the challenges and pains of the present through the teachings of Patanjali Yoga Sutra. It comprises 196 sutras that provide guidance on the practice of yoga, including the path to liberation (Samadhi). It serves as a source of inspiration and direction for practitioners on their journey towards self-realization.

M - Shivom - Future - Liberation (Lord Buddha): 

"M" represents """"Shivom,"""" which signifies the ultimate freedom or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.The third class, known as the Shivom class, represented by Buddha, focuses on the path of meditation as a means to attain enlightenment. It serves as a reminder of the ultimate goal of yoga, which is the attainment of spiritual liberation and union with the divine.

No of students trained - 700 + students

Faculty members - Regular Teachers-7 + Visiting Consultants -3

Collaboration - Jain University, Clamshell School

Years of experience - 9 years

YOGATUTE employs diverse teaching approaches, including Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga. They also incorporate a variety of props such as ropes, chairs, aerial, sticks, belts, wheels, and bricks.

Sushma Bharti - Founder of Yogatute Health: Her Journey to Yoga and Beyond

Sushma Bharti's introduction to yoga began at the age of 18, in 2005 through Baba Ramdev's teachings on the Astha Channel. While preparing for her medical exams, she was deeply inspired by Swami Ramdev's speech on the connection between memory and pranayama. This motivation led her to incorporate yoga into her daily routine, a practice she has maintained without fail.

In March 2006, Sushma faced a significant personal challenge when her mother was hospitalised with chronic vital health issues. This event forced her to put aside her medical entrance exam preparations to care for her mother. During this time, her father brought home the Aushadh Darshan book from a Baba Ramdev shivir held at Patna Gandhi Maidan. The book provided crucial information on wholesome food and Ayurvedic remedies for her vitality, which played a pivotal role in her mother's recovery. This experience solidified Sushma's trust in yoga and natural healing, forming the foundation of her lifelong commitment to the practice.

In 2011, Sushma joined Narayana Health as a Quality Executive for Dr. Devi Shetty's Dream Project PEARLS, leveraging her MBA in Hospital and Health Care Management. Despite enjoying a fulfilling career, she felt a calling to focus entirely on yoga. By 2014, she decided to pursue this passion full-time, and started part time teaching practice. 

Early October 2016’, Sushma, took that bold step to follow her true calling. Recognising the pervasive stress and anxiety in modern work life, she saw the need for a change in lifestyle that emphasises self-care and mindfulness.

It wasn’t easy at all. The reality is different when it hits home. The struggle was real when she decided to go for certification with her little one Kushagra at two and half years. Then one day, she finally took the step and started with the support of her life Partner Mr. Ritesh Jha.

In the year 2016 Oct, did A 200 RYT teacher training program at 1000 Yoga Bangalore; a whole lot of determination, and immense amounts of self-belief came the first page of her book.

First Move of Yogini Sushma. 

She started BMS studio at BMS Hospital Premises, under the guidance of Dr. Girish Nair, GC Member of BMS Hospital. None of the students showed up till 40 days, but she was as committed then as she is now. Her focus was to shift the idea of ‘reward’ from outer material things to inner happiness. As a teacher it is challenging, one has to deal with several energies, it is important to keep the self-practice going no matter what. 

Yoga and Mindfulness are tools that helped her and she always share this with her students. She believes in the strength of the science and spirituality that comes with it. 

Took Covid-19 as an Opportunity to establish her own yoga temple to learn, serve and spread wellness.

Today, Sushma Bharti is a dedicated Yoga and Wellness Mentor and the founder of Yogatute Health, offering both offline and online sessions in Bangalore, accessible to individuals of all ages. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges but also opportunities. Sushma began conducting live yoga sessions on Facebook and Zoom, focusing on the often-overlooked """"Art of Breathing."""" Concurrently, she searched for a dedicated space to establish her yoga practice. She found support from Sital Bhandari, a student who had suffered from chronic back pain and was deeply moved by teacher's dedication. Together, they worked towards creating a wellness hub.

Today, Yogatute operates in an 8000 sq. ft. facility, serving 500 students with three indoor classrooms and two outdoor spaces.

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