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Yogmatha Yoga Institute

IYS Reg No: IYS1112

Address-Kshipra, Sunwani ,Mahankal Road, Dist.Dewas, Madhya Pradesh-455001,India.

The "Yogmatha Yoga Institute" is now officially recognised as an IYS® International Yoga School. And in accordance with the Government of India Act, "Yogmatha Yoga Institute" is officially registered with IYO® International Yoga Organisation.


To Know more about this school call us at +91 9067238170.

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Experience: 17 years, as yoga teacher in schools and in personal sessions.

The owners of Yogmatha Yoga Institute are Premlata Chouhan and Vikas Chouhan.

The 3 yoga teacher at Yogmatha Yoga Institute:

Vikas Chouhan, Manish Kumar Sharma, Vikas Giri Goswami,

Currently practicing advanced asanas, cleared level 3 exam from YCB Ayush ministry Govt. of India. want to propogate the ideas of hath yoga traditions.

It is new. we want to estblish it according to the norms with affiliations from reputed boards. currently we are hatha yoga studio offering regular classes for beginners, intermediate levels.

Premlata Chouhan Headmistress at academy of divine culture school kshipra sunwani mahankal road dist. dewas mp pin-455001.

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